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We're the largest and most successful trainers of television presenters and hosts in the world, with clients in over 25 countries. From our one-day beginners' course alone, over 600 previously novice presenters have found work on-screen, with many now household names. In addition, we provide coaching on behalf of broadcasters and, in the corporate world, for users of business television. Find out why we've been dubbed "the fame factory"...

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills Training, Coaching & Courses

Expert presentation skills training for anyone whose ability to communicate well is crucial to their success.  Through consultancy, private coaching and group workshops we continually help transform the speaking, presentation and influencing skills of a diverse range of clients worldwide, keeping them at the forefront of contemporary communication.  A genuinely fresh approach and an awesome track record, if good enough isn't enough you've come to the right place...

Media Training

Media Training Training, Coaching & Courses

Whether you have a message to promote or a position to defend, we provide powerful, image-enhancing media training that's in-tune with modern audiences and the modern media. With a unique methodology that's at odds with traditional media training, we seamlessly dovetail media strategy into your authentic personality, leaving you with the ability to say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time. Discover why we're one of the media's best kept secrets...


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Video Production Production Services from Script to Screen

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Showreels for TV Presenters, Performers & Business

Showreels For TV Presenters, Performers & Business

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Web Design - Business Catalyst Specialists

Web Design Adobe Certified Partner, Business Catalyst Specialists

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Public Relations PR, Media Relations & Reputation Management

Public Relations PR, Media Relations & Reputation Management

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Media reviews...

BBC Careering Ahead Documentary
"Well-worth every penny"

"It's been absolutely fantastic... a brilliant day... well-worth every penny"

The Sunday Times
"At the forefront"

"At the forefront... now training more presenters than anyone else in Britain"

Company Magazine 2
"Well respected, the standard was amazing"

"As the biggest media trainers in the country, Pozitiv's course is well-respected and can boast past pupils like Ben Shephard, Natasha Kaplinsky and Edith Bowman. The course has been running since 1991 and 20% of their students have become working presenters. It's actually the only course I came across which has success stories or offers a money-back guarantee... compared to other courses, the standard was amazing"

Marie Claire
"Politicians careers have been turned around by Glenn Kinsey"

"Glenn Kinsey is the most successful trainer of TV presenters in the country. He is way too discreet to tell me whose career he's turned around, but politicians are among them."

Sunday Post
"Well worth the money"

"If you're planning a career in television, I'd say it's well worth the money... if you decide you're not cut out for presenting, at least you'll have had a whole lot of fun along the way"

New Woman
"Turned fantasy into a reality"

"Now Alexandra had identified her fantasy, we aimed to turn it into a reality. We recommended she booked herself on the Pozitiv TV Presenter's Course, where the former student list includes Natasha Kaplinsky and Ben Shephard... a month later she was on her way to becoming a TV presenter"

Business Chronicle
"Glenn Kinsey is THE image doctor"

"[Glenn Kinsey is] THE image doctor... he offers an exclusive coaching service in effective communication skills"

GMTV - Lorraine Kelly

"Brilliant. They were scarily good..."

DV8 Magazine
"A big change"

"...a big change to the nervous ten I met earlier in the day"

Daily Mirror
"After her TV course with Pozitiv, she got her first assignment 7 days later"

"Penny Mallory took a [Pozitiv] one-day TV presenters' course and got her first assignment seven days later"

Satellite TV Times
"Bounds with enthusiasm and energy"

"He bounds with enthusiasm and energy... Glenn Kinsey has certainly been there, done that and got the T-Shirt"

The Guardian
"A natural"

"[Glenn] is an affable, endlessly-patient type... with a yard long C.V. and unreasonable youth... he's a natural"

The Stage
"Glenn Kinsey is regularly engaged to 'up the game' of big-name presenters and celebrities"

"Regularly engaged by producers to 'up the game' of big-name presenters and celebrities, a large proportion of the presenters and media stars currently on TV screens first unleashed their talents courtesy of Glenn's training"

Channel 4
"Uniquely professional in what they offer"

"Channel 4 regularly use and recommend Pozitiv for developing talent. They're uniquely professional in what they offer and we're constantly assured by the enthusiasm of our presenters when they return from an event delivered by Pozitiv. Many of our delegates have gone on to present in a wide range of productions on the Channel from sports to news. A great company to know."

Faking It, Channel 4
"The turning point was coaching from Glenn Kinsey"

"The turning point was coaching from Glenn Kinsey... when up against professional presenters, not one of the TV industry judges spotted that his trainee - a Glasgow newsagent and mother of three - was actually the novice 'faker' with zero experience."

The Independent
"Past clients include Olympic sports stars"

"[Pozitiv's] past clients include such sports stars as Sally Gunnell, Derek Bell and Diane Modahl"

Daily Mail
"Towards the end of the day a new Hannah had emerged"

"...expert Glenn Kinsey, who coached former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell... towards the end of the day a new Hannah had emerged"

Best Magazine
"The course was a real eye-opener"

"The course was a real eye-opener. I was a bit sceptical when I booked it, but now I think it's worth every penny"

Sugar Magazine
"The top celeb communications coach"

"Glenn Kinsey is the top celeb communications coach"

In Brief Magazine
"Extraordinarily concentrated, public speaking at the deep end"

"Glenn Kinsey is the dynamo who expertly drives the day... this is public speaking at the deep end... extraordinarily concentrated... I came away feeling enthused and hyper-confident... if your firm won't send you along (which they should) treat yourself"

News In Action
"Recognised as Britain's number one trainer of TV presenters"

"His protegees include a number of TV celebs (anonymity assured), as well as many public figures and businessmen... he is also now recognised as Britain's number one trainer of TV presenters"

Daily Star
"By the end of it you'll know for sure whether you've got small screen appeal"

"By the end of it you'll know for sure whether you've got small screen appeal"

Ms London Magazine
"Quite staggered at how good the participants became"

"The whole course is very slick... I was quite staggered at how good [the participants] became... I loved it"

The Daily Telegraph
"The camera can be very flattering"

"It soon became clear that the camera may never lie, but it can be very flattering... this is a boom time for presenters"

Time Out Magazine
"A bargain"

"...it looks like a bargain to us"

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Clients say...

Ben Shephard
"The only way I was any good at that audition was because of the course at Pozitiv"
"All of a sudden I was being told that I could make a career out of TV...all I can say is thanks so much for all the advice and encouragement, please pass on those thanks to Glenn; the only way I was any good at that audition was because of the course at Pozitiv."

Ben Shephard

Nick Hewer
"Invaluable help gratefully received"
"My first studio presenting job was a bit daunting, but Glenn put me at ease and after a couple of hours of training - with many invaluable tips - sent me on my way. Invaluable help gratefully received."

Nick Hewer

Channel 4, Alec McPhedran
"Channel 4 regularly use and recommend Pozitiv for developing talent"
"Channel 4 regularly use and recommend Pozitiv for developing talent. They are uniquely professional in what they offer and we are constantly assured by the enthusiasm of our presenters when they return from an event delivered by Pozitiv. Many of our delegates have gone on to present in a wide range of productions on the Channel from sports to news. A great company to know."

Alec McPhedran

Argos, Don Davis
"Measurable results from a 4 hour session"
"Having felt the need to improve my presentational skills (particularly given my need to rehearse, use scripts and anxiety levels) I was referred to Glenn at Pozitiv as someone who may be able to help. I found him to be not only a pleasant guy to do this sort of work with (he has a very reassuring, calming style) but also very perceptive. He was able to extract your concerns, fears and weaknesses and target opportunities to improve your style, something which I felt we achieved even in the time I was there. There really were measurable results from this 4 hour session. I would highly recommend Pozitlv to any individual/company who is looking for assistance in this area."

Don Davis

Harry Ramsdens, Marija Simovic
"Generated millions of pounds worth of brand recognition"
"My career has taken me to companies and brands all over the world and I've never worked with anyone in PR who's more insightful or effective than the team at Pozitiv. All that they've done for us has exceeded expectation, especially in terms of quality, getting the right outcome and return on investment. As an example, even though we had serious concerns and continually said "No", they worked hard to persuade us to participate in a prime-time, hour-long, observational TV documentary. I'm glad they did - the programme generated millions of pounds worth of brand recognition, attracted record numbers of viewers and was sold to over 100 countries. This is just one example of many - they are the only PR agency to use. "

Marija Simovic

Barratt, Louise Jones
"Fantastic feedback"
"Just to let you know we are getting fantastic feedback from the hierarchy on the film. It's gone down so well it's now going to be distributed nationally to every Barratt division."

Louise Jones

Sackers, Ian Pittaway
"You've become an essential part of our pitch preparations"
"Glenn's ability to bring out the best in people, and provide them with the confidence to perform, ensures that his presentational coaching has become an essential part of our preparation for opportunities where we are asked to present or pitch"

Ian Pittaway

Natasha Kaplinsky
"The best thing I have ever done"
"I had always wanted to be on-screen in some way and when I saw an advert for a TV presenters course at Meridian’s Newbury office I jumped at the chance. It was the best thing I have ever done. It was as if a light bulb had been switched on in my head. I suddenly realised that this was what I wanted to do. I wanted to write and thank you and your lovely team for a really fascinating day on Sunday. I had been looking forward to it so much and was not disappointed in the slightest."

Natasha Kaplinsky

Sunita Shroff
"I wouldn't be where I am now without you!"
"I have never walked away from anything feeling so motivated and excited! It's the best thing I've ever spent my money on! Thank you so much for your help, guidance and advice over the years, it's much appreciated. I wouldn't be where I am now without you!"

Sunita Shroff

"100% of participants scored 5 out of 5"
"All the feedback received through the evaluation questionnaires after the recent series of Advanced Presentation Skills workshops was extremely positive, with 100% of participants rating them both 5 out of 5 for overall value and 5 out of 5 for meeting or exceeding expectations. Comments included, 'Terrific analysis and help in presentations...', 'Will help in clinical presentations tremendously...' and 'Very grateful for this experience - it was unique...'"


Rebecca Wilcox
"Absolutely brilliant... learned loads"
"Thank you so much for an absolutely brilliant day on Friday! I had so much fun and feel I really learned loads. All the others from the course are in email contact and we've all been saying how much we loved it."

Rebecca Wilcox

Expert International, Chris Buecker
"The feedback was just overwhelming"
"The event was a big success. My performance must have been really great as I got congratulations from all sides. I did everything without any cards. I often smiled and I opened my arms. Like you told me. That was basically it. But the feedback was just overwhelming...! I even got flowers this morning from one of the most critical persons in the past."

Chris Buecker

Acambis, Lyndsay Wright
"Coaching surpassed all my expectations"
"Just a quick note to say thank you for the fantastic job you did yesterday. The coaching surpassed all my expectations and both our CEO and FD were very impressed. We all feel much more confident of our media abilities now."

Lyndsay Wright

Ladbrokes, Graham Baker
"Full of praise for the support, guidance and expertise provided"
"Whilst several potential consultancies appeared on the shortlist, the criteria of 'experience with sports broadcasting', 'use of an actual TV studio for the training/coaching', and 'do it tomorrow?' left Pozitiv top of the list. In 24 hours and through a series of phone calls a programme was constructed that was exactly what we were searching for. Just two and a half weeks later the development was completed and all objectives met. At all times Pozitiv have been highly professional and have shown that engaging just the right consultancy is the way to gain optimum value for money. They continue to offer on-going support to our managers who were full of praise for the support, guidance and expertise provided by Pozitiv."

Graham Baker

Universal Music, Rob Fleming
"Delighted and each member of the band commented on the press"
"The very difficult to please manager was delighted today and each member of the band commented over the evening on the press. It has made a a weekend I was dreading so much easier. Please extend my thanks to your team."

Rob Fleming

Crown Business Communications, Andrew Broadfoot
"In two hours I was transformed from mediocre presenter into a leader"
"It gave me the confidence to take on the world! I've been delivering awesome presentations whilst being myself - in fact, communicating to an audience feels like talking to a best friend and I'm winning more business as a result. Just those two hours with you transformed me from a mediocre presenter into a leader. The before-Glenn and after-Glenn recordings of my presentation were astonishing."

Andrew Broadfoot

Karina Jadhav
"I got booked for my first presenting job a couple of days after the course!"
"A quick email to say thanks for Friday it was a fantastic day and I really enjoyed it. I got booked for my first presenting job today thanks to the stuff we filmed on Friday!"

Karina Jadhav

Lighthouse Club, John Griffin
"I didn't require any notes for my speech and received nothing but praise"
"I must confess that when I got home after our session last week my family were less than supportive about adopting your approach, believing I would still require notes for my speech. On the day I obviously felt nervous, but once I got on stage everything went well. The room was totally silent (the guests were probably stunned), they seemed interested, I didn't require any notes and I received nothing but praise - even the Channel 5 presenter said I was a natural. Thanks again for your time last week, you really did save me from doing a dreadful written speech."

John Griffin

DealGroupMedia, Chris Quelch
"Marked improvement in sales outcomes"
"Thanks to your finely-tuned training techniques in the recent workshop, I've seen a marked improvement in the outcomes of face to face meetings with new and existing clients as well as stakeholders within our group. It was incredibly useful for me."

Chris Quelch

Sajid Varda
"I was completely confident facing the 25,000+ people in the audience"
"After working with Glenn a couple of days before the event, I was completely confident
when it came to facing the 25,000+ people in the audience at 'The Global Peace and
Unity Event'. Thanks again for your help - it was priceless."

Sajid Varda

Boparan Holdings, Ranjit Boparan
"Invaluable to our business - no hesitation in recommending Pozitiv"
"Glenn and his team have consistently provided us with sound PR advice and guidance. Their honest, no-nonsense approach has been invaluable to our business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pozitiv to anyone looking for a professional PR consultancy."

Ranjit Boparan

Biwater, Mike Anderson
"We were hired because of your coaching"
"I gave a presentation in Trinidad on Wednesday to several major players in the [industry]. Your coaching was so useful. The chairman of the [company] thanked me for the presentation and, on the confidence he received from it, basically hired Biwater. The pointers you gave me were so valuable and gave me added confidence. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company in the future and look forward to you training several more of our staff."

Mike Anderson

Carol Kirkwood
"An enormous thank you"
"An enormous thank you for making last Wednesday so enjoyable - not to mention fun! Your encouragement and help has made me determined to pursue presenting as a career."

Carol Kirkwood

Ruth Watson
"I'd still be at the starting blocks without all your help"
"Thank you so much. You were all fabulously professional, but more importantly (for me, at least) unfailingly helpful, encouraging and supportive… I'd still be at the starting blocks without all your "Pozitiv" help!"

Ruth Watson

Aviat Networks, Fola Disu
"The CEO asked me where I learnt to speak like that!"
"Initially I was sceptical about flying over from Africa for a course lasting a couple of hours but I have no regrets and feel "transformed". The coaching has definitely helped improve my public communication skills and it's satisfying looking at the difference between the first recording and the last one! My only regret is that I wish I'd done this course a lot earlier on in my career. After my first presentation the CEO came up to me to ask where I learnt to speak like that! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Fola Disu

Gatineau, Andrew Bagley
"Awesome - a sell-out and £750,000 in sales in one day!"
"We had an awesome day. We sold out of the entire day's stock by 11.04am, then pulled in a further £288,000 sales vs. an £80,000 basic budget. Total for day was best ever at £750,000, budget £850! So, thanks a million!"

Andrew Bagley

Canon Europe, Quentyn Taylor
"Massively improved - it really worked"
"It was a real eye-opener as to what could be accomplished in such a short period of time. I really liked your style of teaching and feel that I've already massively improved. The presentation I gave last week was very good (so I have been told) - it really worked."

Quentyn Taylor

2d3, Steve Hill
"Professional, creative and they deliver right on time"
"We have asked Pozitiv to create our showreel for the past two years, and each time we have been delighted with the results. The quality of their work is consistently high, and their video editing is dynamic and imaginative - exactly what we need for drawing the crowds at trade shows. They are a pleasure to work with: professional, creative, and they deliver right on time."

Steve Hill

Elemis, Laura Anthony
"Generated the best sales we have ever had!"
"Just a quick email to thank you for the recent training session with Keeley. The show we had a couple of days later generated the best sales we have ever had! She adopted the tips you discussed with her, held her ground with the presenter, and I felt, came across confidently on-air."

Laura Anthony

Tesco, Steve Robinson
"Improvement in a matter of hours"
"I needed to improve my presentation skills but was sceptical as to what additional benefit a one-to-one session would deliver over a group course. Whilst a one-to-one can be slightly more expensive, I found Pozitiv and Glenn's approach refreshing, highly interactive, concise and could see a demonstrable improvement in a matter of hours. I left the course relishing the thought of my next presentation"

Steve Robinson

Georgie Thompson
"As helpful and encouraging as I ever could have hoped"
"Thank you to you and the crew for making Saturday such a fun and useful day! I had a fantastic time and met some great people. Glenn proved to be as helpful and encouraging as I ever could have hoped - I have acknowledged that if in doubt - smile!"

Georgie Thompson

Mitsubishi Motors Europe, Mirjam van Buchem
"Everybody gave their best presentation ever!"
"It was a great success! We received many compliments about our multi-lingual speaking performances and everybody managed to give their best presentation ever! As a group, we were also able to motivate each other - we appreciated your efforts a lot."

Mirjam van Buchem

Alliance Medical, Sharon Hinds
"Pozitiv deliver and the results speak for themselves"
"Pozitiv deliver what they say they will. From concept to final output, they manage your expectations and engage continuously with what you want to achieve. Their enthusiasm and passion for what they do is clearly visible and the results speak for themselves."

Sharon Hinds

James Max
"They've hired me!"
"Just wanted to thank you, Glenn and the crew for the other day's training. Excellent. I really enjoyed the day and found it very useful. I had my screen test yesterday. And they've hired me to co-present the programme!"

James Max

Media Trust, Gavin Sheppard
"Remarkable improvement of every single person... inspirational"
"I thought the improvement of every single person in the space of just a few hours was remarkable, and you certainly improved my confidence no end. Thank you so much for a truly inspirational afternoon."

Gavin Sheppard

BBC History, Christian Watt
"Very worthwhile"
"Both Laurence and Sir Ian improved with the sessions, and so the producers think they were very worthwhile. Thanks for all your help."

Christian Watt

Daily Star, Mike Ward
"Absolutely brilliant"
"Thanks for an absolutely brilliant day...you’ve helped me a hell of a lot, and I had a load of fun into the bargain."

Mike Ward

Phytomer, Olivia Watson
"Sales have increased over 40%"
"As you are aware, we have now been using your services for over 2 years and have subsequently achieved incredible results from all our presenters! Prior the the 1-on-1 training sessions, only 1 of our 4 presenters had previously had television experience. However, you've given them all the confidence and required skills to succeed... and they have! Over the past year our on air sales have increased by over 40%. I'd like to say a big thank you to Glenn for his professionalism, motivation, and his ability to not only make you feel so at ease, but also for the demonstrable improvement he achieves in just a 2 hour session. "

Olivia Watson

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