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Glenn Kinsey - Jan 2011 With clients in over 25 different countries, Glenn Kinsey is widely acknowledged as one of the world's most successful presentation skills coaches, providing specialist coaching and consultancy to individuals and organisations.

Track record

Built almost exclusively upon personal recommendation, his pedigree client list reads like a "Who's Who" of the world's top corporate, public, media and celebrity communicators - from political leaders to pop superstars, business leaders to Olympic gold-medalists.

A large proportion of the presenters and “media stars” on your television screens first unleashed their talents through Glenn’s training.

In fact, with over 600 previously inexperienced presenters alone ending up on-screen after his coaching, he's recognised for successfully training more TV presenters, hosts and on-screen journalists than any other individual in the world.

A growing area of expertise is in the arena of "live" competitive pitches and tenders, helping business teams and individuals compellingly communicate their service or product in competition with other providers. In the last 7 years, over 9 out of 10 of the pitches he's consulted on have resulted in his clients collectively winning an estimated £2.5 billion worth of business and counting.


His distinctive coaching style has been the subject of two BBC documentaries as well as inspiring features throughout the national press and media, attracting labels from, "the image doctor" to, "the confidence guru".

In recent years, media exposure includes:

  • Turning a hairdresser into a weather presenter in the space of a morning for ITV's "Don't Just Dream It"
  • Resident presentation coach on MTV's worldwide hit reality series, "Kept with Jerry Hall"
  • Coaching a Glasgow newsagent and mother of three to be a presenter as part of the award-winning Channel 4 documentary, "Faking It", resulting in her fooling all the expert industry judges whilst competing against professional TV reporters
  • Training the finalists for GMTV's "Search for a Presenter" competition, with the winner presenting for LK Today
  • Taking on a challenge from the UK's Daily Mail newspaper to help turn a young waitress into a television presenter (and, after just a day's training she landed her first job on ITV within 30 days)


Originally an award-winning magician and then a presenter - with a first on-screen appearance at just 13 years of age - he fronted over 500 hours of broadcast TV for the BBC, ITV and Sky. At 21, he was first asked to start helping others and, after much success, soon turned to coaching full-time.

He's also authored three top-selling books - two specially commissioned by Marks & Spencer and sold worldwide; and one for BBC Books, published both in the UK and USA.

Away from coaching, Glenn is the founder or co-founder of a number of successful businesses, including the PR consultancy, Pozitiv Communications and, based in London's Mayfair, the UK's leading specialist hair extension studio, Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement. Professional memberships include The Chartered Institute of Public Relations and The Society of Authors.

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