Pozitiv client elected President of Tanzania 21-Dec-2005

A new leader was today sworn into office in Tanzania, Africa. And, with the President's kind permission, we can now reveal that he's been receiving coaching and advice from Pozitiv.

Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, previously the country's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, led a slick campaign with the CCM Party - gaining over 80% of the vote with a total turnout of 72% - and Pozitiv have been providing advice both pre and post election. Kikwete takes over from Benjamin Mkapa who's stepping down after two five-year terms.

Pozitiv's, Glenn Kinsey was first invited to Tanzania a few months ago and joined President Kikwete on a private Serengeti safari retreat before travelling across the country, helping the President hone his communication skills on public and media stages as part of the campaign.

After his inaugural speech today, one of President Kikwete's first calls was to Glenn and aides described his presentation as, "superb - the best we've ever seen him".

Glenn and the team are all delighted for the people of Tanzania and look forward to seeing this beautiful country continue to flourish both at home and abroad.


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