Over 40 films for world's leading diagnostic imaging provider

Alliance Medical   |   Case Study


  • Operating across 17 European countries, Alliance Medical are a leading provider of outsourced diagnostic imaging solutions including MRI, CT and PET-CT
  • We created a variety of films, each aimed at different audiences including patients, clinicians, employees, prospective employees and institutional clients. They were also included on their various websites, which we also designed and produced
  • Many of them included subtitles tracks, enabling the message to get across to patients with hearing difficulties
  • We created value for the client by turning a budget for 8 films into over 40, by extracting additonal information from on-camera interviews as well as gathering mixed-use footage at locations. Timescales were tight, typically only having around 15 minutes with each interviewee
  • Some have been amongst the most downloaded on YouTube within their sector, for example an informational film on what happens during an MRI scan has had over one million views
  • The films not only helped their audiences but also continued to position Alliance Medical as being the market leaders in diagnostic imaging