Pozitiv Productions
People-focused films from script to screen

We've all seen it, haven't we?  All sizzle and no steak.  

Well-produced films let down by wooden speakers, corny delivery and convoluted scripts.  Boxes are ticked but believability is weak.  And no-one buys the message.

That's why we specialise in video with people at the core.

Whether they're being interviewed, presenting to camera or playing a part.

It's in our DNA.  With a heritage derived from training TV presenters and some of the world's most prominent public speakers our focus is as much about how your people deliver as it is about technical and editorial quality.

It's the difference that makes the difference.  Getting the very best out of your people.  And marrying strong messages, strong delivery and strong production values to deliver the very best return on your investment.

Helping your people shine

Whether you're selling a message or selling a product, people buy from people.  We uniquely help your film's faces and voices convincingly connect with your audience.

Fantastic in-house facilities

Fully equipped mobile production unit as well as our own multi-camera Central London studio with live broadcastiing capability and the latest virtual set technology.

Showreel & demo production

Tap into our expertise.  We've produced hundreds of job-winning showreels for presenters, products, services and experts. From script to screen and everything in between.


Our multi-camera TV studio in London's Kensington Gardens


Live grabs from footage shot in and around the studio

Behind The Scenes

Our private, custom-built Central London TV studio

Studio Facilities

Tech spec overview


Set over two air-conditioned floors including studio area, relaxing Green Room / Meeting Room, further private break-out area, luxury bathroom / changing area and kitchen.

Training & Filming Studio

State of the art, multi-camera facility mirrors all the key elements of a typical broadcast studio with full remote lighting grid, production gallery area and live virtual set technology.


40+ customisable live HD virtual sets with multiple camera angles, real-time reflections, specular highlights and live virtual camera pan / zoom. White infinity and black-out backdrops for non green-screen recording.


Up to 4 live cameras recording in up to 4K resolution. Selection of lenses, tripods and mounts. Remote dolly / tracking slider with automated targeting facility and video timelapse.

Vision Mixer

16-channel switcher (6 external, 6 internal, 4 M/E buses) controllable via traditional physical control surface, mouse / keyboard or wireless midi console.


14-channel Mackie mixer supplemented by integrated software mixer with digital audio player / effects. Selection of wireless and wired microphones and wireless presenter talkback.

Recording and Live Streaming

Digital disk recorders (including up to 4 ISO camera channels). Direct social media content publishing and live streaming facility with simultaneous archive.


Wireless teleprompting facility, wireless Microsoft / Apple slide projection, Adobe editing station and multi-view monitoring. On-street parking and three Tube stations nearby.